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Little Drops of Heaven...


Sometimes you have to expand and move into new areas. So, when someone suggested that we PRETTY MAIDS, should produce our own rum with our own label on it, we found it quite interesting and pretty authentic as well.


Well let's just say it wouldn't be exagerating to say that Rock'n'Roll and alcohol is kind of linked together and in our case it's no exception. So therefore we found this a rather natural move.


So, ladies and gentlemen.

Boys and girls.


Here it is!  Pretty Maids Rum - 7 DEADLY SINS.


In association with the company Romdeluxe, there will be produced not only 1,

but 7 different limited editions in this series of this rum.


The first one, LUST, and the second, GLUTTONY, is already in the shop at


We of course ourselves has taken part in choosing these 7 different rums and can guarantee,

that it's top notch fluid, soft as velvet.


If you are a die hard fan: Go get your bottles at the link below - And if you're not: Go get it anyway ;-)














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